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New Nipponbashi Data Center to begin providing services:
Realizing a high-quality connectivity directly to the Dojima Data Center

April 2021
NTT SmartConnect Corporation

On May 1, 2021, NTT SmartConnect Corporation (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka; president: Shuji Akiyama; "NTT SmartConnect" hereinafter) will begin providing services from the new Nipponbashi Data Center in Nipponbashi, Osaka.

1. Background

Since its establishment in 2000, NTT SmartConnect has provided housing services in the Dojima area of Osaka centered on the Dojima Data Center, one of the largest Internet exchange (IX)*1 facilities in western Japan, and the Dojima Connect optical cabling service.*2 The new Nipponbashi Data Center, which delivers high levels of connectivity and aseismic performance and is connected directly to the Dojima Data Center, will open in central Osaka in response to growing demand resulting from increasing Internet traffic in areas that include the enhancement of user equipment and facilitation of entry into the Kansai region by Internet service businesses.

  1. *1Internet exchange: A point of interconnection between Internet service providers (IPSs) and Internet data centers (IDCs)
  2. *2Dojima Connect is a service connecting the leased racks of customers in the Dojima, Kitahama, and Nipponbashi data centers.

2. Advantages

(i) A carrier-free data center connected with own fiber directly to the Dojima Data Center

The Nipponbashi Data Center is a carrier-free data center where customers can use their preferred carriers. It is also connected to the Dojima and Kitahama data centers through NTT SmartConnect's “Dojima Connect” which is optical fiber cabling service. This makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of the network environment in the Dojima area and provides direct connectivity to IXs, ISPs, mega-cloud services, and other services. Most of the route is connected by optical fiber cable connected directly to service tunnels*3 that secure high levels of reliability and security while reducing the risk of disconnection from telecommunications cables connecting data centers. This makes it very easy to use for customers who are considering utilizing the data center as a network interconnection facility.

  1. *3Service tunnel: Underground tunnels dedicated to telecommunications using cables connecting telecommunications facilities

Data Center

(ii) A strongly earthquake-resistant data center

The Nipponbashi Data Center is highly disaster resistant with features that include an aseismic structure capable of withstanding even an earthquake of a strong 6 or higher on the Japanese seismic-intensity scale, 72 hours' continuous operability using private power generation, and a power supply from different substations. Its tsunami risk level according to hazard maps is low, and its other features include flood-control panels for use in the unlikely event of river flooding or other disasters.

(iii) Reliable support structure

Dedicated technical staff are on-site to provide maintenance and support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. English-language services and a Web-based interface mean that international customers also can use the facility with peace of mind.

3. Data center overview

Feature Details
Name of data center New Nipponbashi Data Center
Location Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Building structure Steel-framed aseismic structure
Housing room floor area Approx. 450 square meters (equivalent to approx. 300 racks)
Other features Office space, parking

Artist's conception of the new Nipponbashi Data Center

Artist's conception of the new Nipponbashi Data Center

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