NTT SmartConnect operates four businesses including Data Center, cloud, streaming, and data analysis and utilization businesses

NTT SmartConnect has developed four businesses based on its own company data center equipped with robust facilities and a high-speed connection environment. The four businesses are, the “housing business” that installs customers’ servers and IT equipment, the “cloud business” that provides a wide range of services from basic services to SaaS-type services, the “streaming business” for highly reliable content distribution, and the “data analysis and utilization business” using AI log analysis. Through these services we provide a wide range of support to customers businesses.

Platform service
Platform service

Data Center Business

A service that keeps customer’s IT equipment and provides a high-speed internet access directly connected to IX.

We provide the housing(colocation )service with our reliable and secure operations at our data center in Dojima, Osaka with industry-leading facilities. And we expand our customers’ businesses through our internet connectivity featuring a high-speed and high-capacity IP backbone linked directly with IX point.

Housing BusinessHousing Business

Cloud Business

Cloud services provided with a comprehensive lineup depending on the scope and purpose of various customers

We have an extensive line-up ranging from basic services (IaaS), purpose-specific services (SaaS) to secure multicloud connection services, to support the “safe” and the “challenge” in diversified customer businesses.

Cloud BusinessCloud Business

Streaming Business

Content distribution platform services including video and music that enable stable large-scale distribution

Taking advantage of our track record of involvement in numerous video distributions since the dawn of the internet, we respond to diversifying customer needs, taking on the challenges of advanced content distribution such as VR, 4K, and high-resolution sound sources.

Streaming BusinessStreaming Business

Data Analysis and Utilization Business

A comprehensive service offering data collection, accumulation, visualization, analysis, and even consultation for problem-solving

We respond to customer needs such as executing management decisions in a timely manner, through safe and secure data distribution of the large amounts of data accumulated on cloud services and the wide variety of data from customer bases, and through analysis and visualization based on combination of this data.

Data Analysis and Utilization BusinessData Analysis and Utilization Business