Corporate Profile

About NTT Group (End of March, 2021)

About NTT Group

Corporate Profile

Company Name NTT SmartConnect CORPORATION
Head Office 3-1, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0011
President Takafumi Makiuchi
Founded March 2000
Capital 100 million yen
Stockholders 100% of shares are held by NTT-West
Number of Employees 254 (as of July 2023)

Organizational Chart

  • Board of Directors

    • President

      • IDC Business Department

      • Cloud Service department

      • Streaming Business Department

      • Business Support department

      • Business Innovation department

      • Service Operation Headquarters

      • Corporate Strategy Planning Department

        • CSR Promotion Office

        • Human Rights Enlightenment Office

  • Auditors

Corporate History

2000 NTT SmartConnect CORPORATION is established
The housing service “mediaCONNECT” is launched
The 82nd National High School Baseball Championship is broadcasted via the Internet
(continuing annually since then)
The video distribution service “SmartSTREAM” is launched
2001 The hosting service “SmartSQUARE” is launched
Connecting to JPNAP Osaka and simultaneously starting operation of JPNAP Osaka
2002 The IPv6 based service is launched
2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS) is acquired
The custom platform service “FLEXIA” is launched
2006 The hosting service is rebranded, and “SmileSERVER” is launched
2009 NTT SmartConnect CORPORATION is the Overall Grand Prix winner in the iDC Division of the ASP/SaaS/ICT Outsourcing Award
The NGN (Next-Generation Network) based movie distribution service for Digital Cinema is launched—the first in Japan
2010 The online video platform service “Mediatope” is launched
The distribution platform for “” is launched
2011 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is acquired
The cloud service “Biz hikari-cloud” is launched
The cloud-based hosting service “SmartFLEX” is launched
The distribution platform for “SKY PerfecTV! ” is launched
The cloud-based storage service “SmartSTORAGE” is launched
2012 Privacy Mark is acquired
Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd. is established
The virtual private server“SMARTCONNECT VPS” is launched
2013 The managed virtual private server “SMARTCONNECT Managed SERVER” is launched
The world’s first successful trial of professional 4K H.265/HEVC transmission over the internet is conducted
2014 The educational video distribution service “Hikari Web School” is launched
The video e-learning service “Hikari Learning” is launched
2015 The Tokyo Branch Office is opened
The location-based service “Imadoko+(Plus)” is launched
The vital-sign data analyzation and visualization service “Kokoro-no-Mieruka Service” is launched
2016 The multi-cloud connect service “Cloud Cross Connect” is launched
2017 The dedicated cloud platform service “SmartConnect Cloud Platform” is launched
2018 The cloud-based network function and security service “SmartConnect Network & Security” is launched
The video distribution suite “SmartSTREAM Video Platform Service” is launched
A successful trial of simultaneous live distribution of 4K video and high-resolution sound to a remote location without degradation is conducted—the first in the world
A new data center is opened in Kitahama, Osaka
2019 A trial of “Tabinaka” tourism promotion with the use of “KANPAI Osaka” and Osaka Free Wi-Fi is conducted
The cloud service “Secure Hybrid/Multicloud Integration” is launched in collaboration with NetApp and TechnoPro
A multi-angle live distribution of e-sports events is implemented
2020 The data analysis package service “Smart DataCooking” is launched
The “HACCP Compliant Service” and “Heatstroke & Influenza Countermeasure Service” that collect, store, and visualize customer data utilizing IoT are launched
2021 The Web Real-Time Communication service for online medical care systems is launched
ISO/IEC 27017 for “SmartConnect Cloud Platform” and “SmartConnect Network & Security” is acquired
A new data center is opened in Nipponbashi, Osaka
2022 Started offering a new data center in Sonezaki, Osaka
Launched live commerce service for food,"foove"
2023 Launched IoT Service with Visible Air Quality