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We want to strengthen BCP measures and migrate to cloud services.

We have been using an on-premises core system, but management has instructed us to migrate to a cloud service, such as AWS. We are looking for a convenient place that can provide cloud connection. Some of our systems can’t be migrated from our own servers, so we can’t rely on cloud services alone; however, we would like to discuss all available options, from on-premises to cloud-based solutions, including the possibility of migrating our physical servers.

  1. Challenge1Realize a flexible system configuration such as a hybrid cloud
  2. Challenge2Accessible location and full BCP/DR measures
  3. Challenge3Reduce workload at the introduction stage

Realize a flexible system configuration such as a hybrid cloud

Deploy a hybrid cloud with Cloud Cross Connect

With NTT SmartConnect Cloud Cross Connect service, you can use cloud services (AWS, Azure, and GCP) in a secure environment without connecting to the Internet, simply by accessing a network from your customer access point. This can also be combined with colocation and cloud services to achieve the optimal cloud environment for your usage needs.


Challenge2Accessible location and full BCP/DR measures

SolutionUrban network data centers with state-of-the-art disaster preparedness measures

NTT SmartConnect's Data Centers are located in the center of Osaka, offering excellent access within walking distance of the nearest train stations. These state-of-the-art urban network data centers also offer strong earthquake resistance, redundancy of power supply substations, and other robust disaster preparedness measures.


Challenge3Reduce workload at the introduction stage

SolutionFlexible installation support services

NTT SmartConnect's customer installation support services include a wide range of optional solutions, including mounting of equipment in racks and initialization. In addition, our specialized staff work flexibly to provide the operational options that customers need, saving costs and reducing the workload.


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